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Tip #1 It's is all about timing. The best deals are found at off hours. There are tons of bidders on a Sunday night but if an auction ends at 9 in the morning and you are there you win.
Tip #2 Bid in the last few minutes of the sale. This will help you win more auctions and for lower prices.
Tip #3 Read feedbacks. Sometimes a seller will get a bad feedback because the buyer is a jerk, even the best seller will get one here and there. If a seller has one or two but replies to them I would not be too worried about the seller.
Tip #4 Look to see what things have sold for before on EBay. Sometimes you can get a good feel for what to bid.
Tip #5 Wait until just after Christmas and you will find a lot of people selling presents that are unwanted. Most people have spent a good deal of money so there are real bargains to be had.
Tip # 6 Keep a good search on items for sale. Sometime the exact same item may go off cheaper a week later, especially if they are not a unique item.
Tip # 7 If this is a unique item bid that most you will pay as close to the close of the sale you can.
Tip # 8 Never send a check or money order if you don't have to. Use Paypal or a credit card. This way if there is a problem you have some recourse against the seller.
Tip # 9 Beware of Spoofs. These are sites looking for information that are affiliated with eBay. If you are not sure do not give out ANY personal information of give out your password. EBay will never ask you for your password. They will already have it. Here is a list of some eBay spoof sites.
Tip #10 Check the price guides to see what things are worth.
Tips for sellers - this is a new an expanding section of our site (updates growing).
Feedback - this is a HOT ebay topic and one that must be addressed.

www.ebay.com external image image-1378123-5902069 is the world largest online auction site. At any given time there are millions of auctions going off. People have bought and sold any thing you can imagine on www.ebay.com external image image-1378123-5902069. I have heard stories of people selling old keys to cars on eBay and used shoes. I have heard of people selling Ferrari automobile for over a million dollars. Visit the www.ebay.com external image image-1378123-5902069 listings for more.
When you take a visit to www.ebay.com external image image-1378123-5902069 there is simply no limit to what treasures eBay could hold. The best part is every day there is something new www.ebay.com external image image-1378123-5902069 has to offer.
EBay is also a great place to sell nearly anything you can think of. There is a retail market place of millions of www.ebay.com external image image-1378123-5902069 buyers. There are www.ebay.com external image image-1378123-5902069 stores which offer merchandise is new, used and refurbished condition at fixed prices. You can use a buy it now and not need to compete in a bidding process.
If you are looking to save money I encourage you to visit eBay today.
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As this pages grows the new bargains on ebaycom are growing too. There have been added dozens of new ways to save buying online at www.ebay.com external image image-1378123-5902069. I am giving you the tricks and tips you need to save money on everything you could ever buy from diapers to a car. I am going to be adding soon the bidding secrets and strategies from EBay pros.

Expect More, Pay Less at www.ebay.com external image image-1378123-5902069.
Work in progress -Welcome to my eBay advice site

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